Welcome to vbXtender on SourceForge

If you'd like to contribute to the vbXtender project or simply want to gander at the source, this is the place to be. Below, you'll find links to various resources related to the vbXtender project.


Project Page

You can access the latest release of vbXtender as well as discussion forums, mailing lists and more by visiting our project page.


Developer Tools

If you want to contribute code to the project, you'll need some basic tools.

  • WinCVS
    • WinCVS offers a crisp, friendly GUI making it a snap to interact with the code repositories on SourceForge.
    • SFSETUP simplifies the process of setting up SSH and WinCVS. It even includes Win32-compatible version of SSH.
  • PuTTY
    • An alternative to the SSH that ships with SFSETUP, PuTTY is a suite of utilities that includes an SSH implementation. Highly recommended, especially if you want to use an RSA keypair to eliminate all the password prompting in WinCVS.


Developer Resources

Between CVS and SSH, there's an awful lot to catch up on. You'll find lots of handy information here.

Items of special interest:


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